Why Apple Without Jobs’ Keynotes Fails

Why We Need Storytellers at the Heart of Product Development

Who are the product storytellers? Part matchmaker, marketer, technologist, and artist, the product storytellers ask questions, find answers, and figure out how to distill a vision or idea into a product story. They develop a plot, identify the people, and shape the product around the specific values it should offer consumers. Product storytellers think about the whole, and they see the big picture. But they also can go deep because they understand that the product’s true value lies in the details of its interactions and every touchpoint that a consumer has with it.

The apotheosis of this was the iPhone introduction.

Second was the iPad introduction. While that lacked the original impact, because the UI was no longer a surprise, Steve Jobs still tried to put it across by saying this:

And, by now, I think about twenty million people agree with him.

It’s also why Todd Bradley and Jon Rubinstein failed for the HP TouchPad launch.

A Steve Jobs is indeed rare. Because they are always, always undercut by Suits looking out for themselves and not the greater good of the company or its customers.

And if you don’t believe that, let me remind you that Steve Jobs was booted out of Apple itself by Suits!

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