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AirPlay: Another Reason I Hate Apple

I wasn’t paying attention at all when Jobs demonstrated AirPlay with the iPad 2 during the unveiling.

I have no interest in streaming.

Or at least I didn’t until I tripped over a damn post by Robert Scoble yesterday.

He managed to sell it to me.

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New Opera’s First Crash

Opera pushed out an update this week. It’s now version 11.10 Build 2092.

I’ve been banging on this baby hard too.

Today I finally had a crash.

Prior to this update, I could usually count on a crash to happen with YouTube open for a while, or a tab with any video open (but not playing) for a while in a background tab.

So far, that kind of thing hasn’t given me any problems. No crashes. So points to the Opera team for taking care of that.

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Nazis Gotta Nazi

TSA security looks at people who complain about … TSA security

“Expressing your contempt about airport procedures — that’s a First Amendment-protected right,” said Michael German, a former FBI agent who now works as legal counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union. “We all have the right to express our views, and particularly in a situation where the government is demanding the ability to search you.”

It’s circular reasoning where, you know, I’m going to ask someone to surrender their rights; if they refuse, that’s evidence that I need to take their rights away from them. And it’s simply inappropriate,” he said.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

“Inappropriate” is hardly the fucking word I would use.

And hey, look! The rumor was true after all! Anyone who thinks this is wrong is now a domestic extremist!

Strip and bend over to appease the cowards.

Welcome to the United States of Guantanamo.

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Tablet Developments

I don’t envy anyone tracking this market. It’s a mug’s game.

Should Amazon come out with a tablet, it would summarily kill all the ones flooding the market this year.

Still, I do this post mainly for my own amusement in the weeks and months to come.

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Bray, Dinosaur, Bray!

Neil Nyren is Back: The 5th Annual State of the Industry Interview

The main question is not whether ebooks will drive out print books, because nobody with any common sense really believes that, it’s what the ratio will be.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

In other words:

The main question is not whether horseless carriages will drive out horses, because nobody with any common sense really believes that, it’s what the ratio will be.

I stand here saying — as I always have! — that eBooks will drive out print books.


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Book Trailers: FAIL!

Bookscreening was a site set up to collect book trailers.

It hasn’t been updated since January — of 2010! (Thanks to a Commenter for pointing out I missed the year.)

I think that finally shows what a waste of effort they are.

That won’t stop stupid publishers from doing them, though!

Their Marketing Departments must justify their wages and show they “know the Internet.”

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Writer Christopher Fowler Here In September

I’ve lifted the entire post:

NYC In September

If you’re East Coast-based and wonder why I don’t come to sign books anymore, it’s not that I’ve been ignoring you – I love the US and miss my trips there, I’ve just been busy here.

To make up for it, I’ll be in New York at the end of the summer (September 17-21), signing copies of ‘The Memory Of Blood’ and anything else you want to drag along in a plastic bag and force me to sign.

This blog has a superpower, Chris, that I’ve already used more than once: Scheduled Posts.

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I Spit In The Wind Again

But I still think the wind is on my side.

It’s not the gizmo that makes a gizmo successful

“The channel” is what matters. The gizmo is secondary.

These days, a company rarely gets to “own” a channel anymore. (And as consumer/users, we shouldn’t want them to). Apple and Amazon have pulled it off. Twitter has also. Facebook has, to a degree.

The thing is, monopolies are against Nature. I’ll keep repeating that, I’ll keep spitting in the wind of arguments such as Rex’s.

It’s just not possible for one company to provide everything everyone needs.

People once thought that was possible with governments. Hence the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and its bastard afterbirth, Communism.

Where is that U.S.S.R. today?

What is the state of China today after loosening its tight monopolistic State grip?

The iTunes/App Store is unsustainable.

Amazon has a temporary advantage only because no competitor has arisen to address the current deficiencies in writers getting their books to readers (some of these “deficiencies” are actually monopolistic lockouts by companies).

The existence of the Internet should be the biggest reproach against this thinking.

How can you daily use system that follows the laws of Nature while making posts that argue against Nature?

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Another Lost Opportunity For Twitter

Secret Tasty Labs Prototype Unleashed To A Select Few

At first glance, it looks like Quora. At second glance, it’s what Twitter has missed and what has been at the true core of Twitter: casual information sharing among experts you trust.

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