AirPlay: Another Reason I Hate Apple

I wasn’t paying attention at all when Jobs demonstrated AirPlay with the iPad 2 during the unveiling.

I have no interest in streaming.

Or at least I didn’t until I tripped over a damn post by Robert Scoble yesterday.

He managed to sell it to me.

I’m stealing his YouTube video as revenge:

Now that is Seriously Insanely Great.

And I say that even without owning — and without having had any desire to own — a damn HDTV.

So Apple has to resolve this whole vicious 30% vig thing.

Because now I want a Mac, an AppleTV, an iPad 2, Airplay and a damned HDTV.

Damn them!

What’s more, I want everything to have AirPlay built into it. So when I visit people or have to address a group and want to show them something on an iPad, I can automagically pipe it to their AirPlay-enabled HDTV!

Here’s the Apple AirPlay page.

Previously here:

Video, Not Books, Will Pioneer Metadata



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15 responses to “AirPlay: Another Reason I Hate Apple

  1. Ted

    Also try “AirPlayer” on the App Store, it goes the other direction… allows you to play “TV” on your iPad.

  2. Shock Me

    Love AirPlay, but DLNA (implemented correctly) would have been better. It’s a networking solution ALREADY built into many consumer electronics. But differing implementations of the standard means AirPlay is more likely to actually work.

  3. Yep. I desperately want this too, but I have to get the new TV first. So I must also wait.

  4. AdamC

    So now, the much hyped goog tv is where?

    In history’s trash bin

    OK it is just a beta.

  5. kjkbook

    Mike, I have an AppleTV 2, an Airport Express, and an iPad2, and I have to say-the Airplay system is pretty amazing. I know a lot of flashy tech stuff is all demo and no substance, but I have had zero issues using Airplay to show off slideshows, a family video, and of course streaming music.

    Can’t wait for HDTV sets and audio systems to have it built in-heck, can’t wait for CARS to have it built in.

    (Also, while I sympathize with the disgruntled DLNA users and their “we’ve had this for years” rants…they just need to get over it :p )

  6. John

    For use in the home or in a small meeting room this is fantastic. I’m a little concerned about using it in a hotel ballroom or auditorium. AirPlay runs over WiFi and in a large group there may be so many WiFi enabled devices running that you can’t get your signal through. I’ve already had problems with WiFi in hotel ballrooms. They sometimes set it up to discourage communication between devices as you need with Keynote Remote. Apple will need to develop a way to let the presenter tunnel through and reserve sufficient bandwidth kind of like you can do with the FireWire protocol.

  7. I was never convinced about the iPad.
    “Just a big iPod Touch,” Is what I kept telling myself.

    Then I bought the missus that there iPad2 for her birthday.
    It’s been a few weeks,and…
    Steve Jobs is right.
    That thing is magic.

    Shit, now I want one for me. Just for me.

    P.S. What’s up with Twitter? Don’t tell me you bailed for good? How the hell am I supposed to satisfy my fix for parody, sarcasm and on-going cynicism?

  8. Tim O'Loughlin

    Combining apple TV, airplay, an iPad, and a wifi server, plus the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission)’s iView app allows me to see any TV show broadcast on ABC over the last month or so. This works flawlessly and radically changes how I watch TV. A combo of iTunes, this and using elgato’s eyetv allows me to record and watch shows easily when I want to see them. I suspect this is just the start of the Apple living room invasion, next step would be to get rid of all those complicated remotes and control it all seamlessly through the iPad!

  9. james katt

    Apple’s ecosystem approach is great. Once you are in the ecosystem, everything works together.

    It just makes what is outside the ecosystem so sad a pathetic.

    Why hate Apple for making things “just work”?

    • mikecane

      The “hate” in the post title is tongue-in-cheek. What’s not tongue-in-cheek is my hatred for their proposed 30% vig on eBooks from other stores, which prevents me from buying anything from Apple in protest.

  10. Darwin

    Mike Cane, consider growing up.

    • mikecane

      Consider strangling yourself to raise the general IQ. You’re apparently too fucking stupid to understand the post and didn’t bother to read the Comments.

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