New Opera’s First Crash

Opera pushed out an update this week. It’s now version 11.10 Build 2092.

I’ve been banging on this baby hard too.

Today I finally had a crash.

Prior to this update, I could usually count on a crash to happen with YouTube open for a while, or a tab with any video open (but not playing) for a while in a background tab.

So far, that kind of thing hasn’t given me any problems. No crashes. So points to the Opera team for taking care of that.

There have been some problems:

1) Sometimes at launch, the Bookmark Bar doesn’t appear. I have to open a website first and then it appears. (I have Opera set to open to Speed Dial.)

2) The <blockquote> tag bug in WordPress Compose Post remains. This puts the vertical bar between the “t” and “e” in “blockquote” instead of after the “>” tag close.

3) I love that Speed Dial now lets me throw a ton of entries into it. But I’ve had problems where I’ve had to wait up to a minute for a blank Speed Dial tab to open. My hard disk thrashes wildly during this delay. Speed Dial also has a new feature that acts sort of like the new Windows Phone Live Tiles. That might be part of the problem. I don’t foresee using that feature, so I’d like to see an option that tells Speed Dial just to use dead thumbnails for its view.

4) Speed Dial does not have tabs. Everything is one scrolling list. I’m not keen about that. I’d like to categorize them. It’s also a real pain to rearrange Dials. Dials swap position. So moving something, say, from position 30 to position 2 doesn’t insert, it makes the 2 Dial move to the 30 Dial spot! I have to manually swap positions through each Dial to move things properly up or down a list.

5) The Bookmark system is still an absolute mess. I hope they’ll work on that next. I have over 25 entries in my Bookmark Bar. I’d like that area to be menu of self-titled Categories into which I would place Bookmarks. Then each one would be a drop-down menu with Bookmarks. I figure I could have over 400 Bookmarks easily available that way.

None of these are deal killers. I’ve been very impressed with the stability of this latest version as well as the ability to see CSS3 examples and other things the prior version couldn’t display.

I still recommend Opera and intend to stay with it.

Update: Minutes after posting this, I’ve had a second Opera crash. As before, this happened while I was using YahooMail. I suspect something with JavaScript is happening here. And YahooMail didn’t crash before today, so maybe YahooMail changed something (the buggers are always tinkering over there, “improving” it by ruining it). I’m still not giving up Opera. This is probably a transient bug anyway, since it didn’t crash before now.


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2 responses to “New Opera’s First Crash

  1. Well, I loaded Opera on my JoliOS Linux systems. And it’s VERY FAST – beats when I used to use Opera on Windows. It hasn’t crashed with Picnik, which is an excellent online photo editor, but being heavyweight can take out your browser.

    The Notes feature is inordinately useful, as is the “pin a tab” feature. I pin the WeFunk Radio stream and it’s nicely out of the way, but reachable if I want to know what a given track is that’s playing.

    I use FastMail…pay for it, but it’s worth it…and Opera now owns that. So the “send link by email” can be set up to do FastMail webmail.

    And actually the the built in Email on Opera beats Outlook Express, Thunderbird, et al, when it comes to speed and ease of use. It blows Evolution off the stage.

    I’ve had one Opera crash on Linux. I think it was a link you listed on your Twitter ;-) To some video.

    • mikecane

      Well you went whole-hog on Opera! I just use it for browsing. Have never tried the other stuff. Now you make me wonder!

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