Another Sign Of Our Times

Photos taken today, Saturday April 16, 2011:

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And in context:

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These are put up around the Wall Street area.

Update: I should have bothered to go to their website. They hoaxed everyone last week with that fake G.E. press release! They admit it here. In a world where the non-rich are held “accountable” for everything, it’s corporations that walk away after defaulting on all the obligations that states and municipalities give them in terms of tax breaks. They are rarely sued to pay what they owe. And when pursued, are usually let off with a pennies on the dollar settlement.

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One response to “Another Sign Of Our Times

  1. I see that is USUncut. As I understand it, Uncut started in the UK and was behind recent protests that had elements of violence and vandalism.

    What they are against is the way companies can find ways of paying less tax.

    What they don’t get is that celebrities and big rock, pop and rap acts do the same damn thing – or their accountants do.

    So it isn’t just the major corporations – and bear in mind that the wealth of many entertainment acts is on a par with corporations.

    But I don’t think UnCut US or UK would target popular entertainment acts – it wouldn’t look cool. But who knows.

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