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The “This Will Make Me That” Syndrome

I’m Addicted to Infomercials

But there’s also a lesson that the lost money has taught me: There is no quick fix; I can’t buy different habits — at least not in a store or over the phone.

I am paying for therapy now, the last frontier in my quest for a change. I’ve learned that isn’t a quick-fix, either. I’m paying $200 a month, and there’s nothing to show for it. No stuff. No products. No promises.

Good god.

I’m not singling out her, but she’s an excellent example.

There are people out there who think if they buy something, their lives will be magically transformed.

“If I buy real art supplies, I’ll be a real artist” — instead of a rotten amateur without talent or hope for gaining any. “If I buy an iPad, I’ll finally read more books” — um, no.

If I can just buy this then I can be or do that.

People like her need this: When Limits Strengthen



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When Limits Strengthen

After the break, a video you don’t want to miss and will want to share with others!

This is Napoleon Hill’s adage in action in real life!

Start where you stand, work with whatever tools you have at your command, and you will acquire better tools as you go along.

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iOS PADD App Copyright Speed Trial

CBS legal threat forces Star Trek-like DiagnosticPADD from App Store

Presiding is Judge Cane.

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In The Event Of An Emergency: Police State

UPDATED: And so it begins. Emergency Financial Mgr. fires entire government of Benton Harbor, MI.

Ah, the beginning of the beginning of the end.

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What Are Kindle Sample Conversion Rates?

The Free App Economy: How Sustainble is it?

This is the line that got me thinking:

Ivan says, “Our [free lite app to full paid app conversion] rate is pretty low and is somewhere around 5 to 10%, depending on the price and special deals”

Which really made me laugh a bit at his naivete.

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One Question Led To A Career

Dressed for Success

I won’t spoil it. Go read.

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Sync A Sony Reader With iTunes: Wut?

Pseudo-Sync an eReader with iTunes and iBookstore

Of course this is only possible with DRM-free eBooks.

But even then, why use iTunes?

There’s Sony’s own Library program as well as Calibre.

And yes, the post claims this method will also work with Kindle and other devices.

Which makes it all even more strange.

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J&R Lists Sony Pocket Touch 350 Again

Sony PRS-350SC Reader Pocket Edition – Silver

After being delisted for quite some time, it just popped up again today (it wasn’t there yesterday; I’ve been checking daily).

I hope this indicates Sony’s possible post-quake production constraints are coming to an end.

Meanwhile, Sony’s own site still lists the Touch 650 as Out of Stock, so maybe not everything is yet back to speed.

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That Smell! That Self-Absorbed Ego Smell!

Speculation on an Amazon iPad competitor

I don’t know why it has taken most of us this long to figure this out

Because most of you are only circle-jerking each other, reading inside your own goddammed little silos?

And Ihnakto:

But I do know that Amazon has all of the required pieces in place and that they — not Google, not Motorola, not HP, RIM, Samsung, or any other tech company

Gee, did ya ever see this chart?

Did any of you ever see these posts?

September 11, 2010: KindlePad?
September 28, 2010: Amazon Declares War On All Fronts
What We Are Waiting For As Of 9/28/10
October 27, 2010: The End Of The eInk Era?
November 5, 2010: The Ninja Assassin KindlePad Cometh

Now you know why I don’t read any of you.


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Mayor Prickberg’s Latest

Photo taken today, Sunday April 17, 2011:

Click = big

That’s in the window of a firehouse.

And I won’t say which.

Let Prickberg send out his corrupt goons to find out.

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