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It shouldn’t be called “hyperinflation,” because that gives the idea that the producers are greedy and jacking up the prices.

What really happens is that the currency plummets in value. Hence, hyperdevaluation.

And now this:

The Fed is Now Pumping $200 BILLION Per Month

In plain terms, the Fed is losing its grip on the markets. I don’t know when the currency markets will say “enough” but when they do the collapse of the US Dollar will be rapid and violent. This is not conjecture, this is FACT: Weimar Germany’s hyperinflation exploded onto the scene .

That thief in the night is coming.


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Latest Opera’s Speed Dial Is Too Fat

My hard drive is always frikkin spinning when using the latest Opera.

It turns out they made a dramatic change to Speed Dial that’s affecting other users too.

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Apple Sues Samsung For Following The Leader

Apple Files Patent Suit Against Samsung Over Galaxy Line of Phones and Tablets

Click = big

At left, the Apple iPod Touch. At right, the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0. Note I’ve resized them to be nearly identical (the Samsung GP 5.0 is much larger).

Do they look alike to you?

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Being “Appled In”

Why Mobile Start-ups Should Build for iPhone First

Think about all the Mac users you know. They aren’t interested in Windows’ great office support or Linux’s stability or community support. Consider all the iPod users. Do you think they will ever switch to use any other MP3 player? Oh yeah, that’s right, they’re all on iTunes, which makes it really easy to organize your songs. They are all Appled In and likely will never Apple Out, and that is Apple’s single greatest accomplishment. Where Apple scores points is in their presentation, look and feel, and ease of use. Plus, as long as you are using Apple hardware, it’s virtually guaranteed to work with any other Apple hardware, with absolutely no fussing or headaches that plague the PC world.

Regardless of all the sources talking about how Android is going to crush all other mobile platforms (and it will), if you want to make apps that get press, you need to build for the devices that writers actually have. That means building for iOS. Who will realistically be able to write about an Android only app? Any writer with any kind of following started years ago and is almost certainly Appled In. Every investor or influential thinker I have met over the last couple years always wants to know if they can try it out, but I have to tell them “Sorry, we don’t have iPhone yet, but that’s why we need your money.” Wouldn’t it be much more powerful to have something on the App Store that they can download and play with, not just right then and there, but long after you leave the meeting?

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Is Everything Else Now A Zune?

iPad is Not a Product

iPad is to the post-PC experience what iPod was to the post-media-player experience. Like iPod, iPad didn’t carve out sales from an existing market; it is the market.

So… every other tablet, Android and webOS, is condemned to Zune status?

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