Apple Sues Samsung For Following The Leader

Apple Files Patent Suit Against Samsung Over Galaxy Line of Phones and Tablets

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At left, the Apple iPod Touch. At right, the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0. Note I’ve resized them to be nearly identical (the Samsung GP 5.0 is much larger).

Do they look alike to you?

Of course, before the iPhone, cellphones looked like crap.

Post-iPhone, most of them try to look like … um, an iPhone.

But does Apple really have much of a suit? Does Apple have a monopoly on round-rectangled slabs for cellphone casings?

Hmmmm…. were there ever rounded-rectangled cases before the iPhone?

Let’s see …

At left, Apple iPhone. At right, Palm LifeDrive.

So, um, no, Apple didn’t invent that form factor. Nor do I claim that Palm did. I’m just showing what the lawyers term “prior art.”

Of course Samsung tried to make its products look iPhone-like. But who didn’t?

This will be up to the lawyers to fight over. I’m really not taking any sides here.

But what I don’t understand is how Apple can involve the Samsung tablets in this. Aside from the Galaxy Tab that’s been out for months, the new ones coming up run Honeycomb. I can’t see how anyone can confuse the UI abomination of Honeycomb for anything by Apple.

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