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Sell Out To A Suit And You Die!

End of an Era in Mobile Tech Blogging as JK Isn’t Running Anymore

I’d been away from the JK on the Run site for quite some time. When I happened to go back about a month ago, my eyes nearly bled from all the pinstripes.

Om Malik’s joint bought the place. We all thought that would be a good thing. Tech Fiend Kendrick and Company would keep doing what they were doing. After all, that’s why they were bought, right? The Malik gang must have liked what they saw, right?

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R.I.P.: Sarrazin And Sladen

It wasn’t until yesterday that I’d learned actor Michael Sarrazin died this past weekend. His filmography is rather short. But his presence was large. In my mind, he was in everything in the 1970s.

Very shocking, Elisabeth Sladen has died. She was companion to Tom Baker’s Doctor Who. I was never a Tom Baker fan, but who didn’t love Sarah Jane?

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A Quote For All Of Human History

From Clients from Hell:

I can explain it for you, but I can’t understand it for you.

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I’m Not Humbled At All!

Trapped in the Cave

It’s humbling to find that your perceptions, beliefs, and emotional states are entirely arbitrated by the chemical stew you happen have in your brain.

I feel like I’m living Philip K. Dick’s The Electric Ant every damn day.

I don’t see how anyone can feel humbled by being internally manipulated!

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Congrats, ProPublica

They got a second Nobel Prize.

For a Doom series: The Wall Street Money Machine

Now that I have a working and infinite Speed Dial, ProPublica is one of the sites I can visit every day instead of avoiding it due to its Bookmark being stuck in the wilderness of Opera’s Bookmark non-system.

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A Genius Formulation!

the pretending layer

And Max just said – yeah, the pretending layer and moved on.

Oh yes!

That explains much!

Like these:

iOS PADD App Copyright Speed Trial
The “This Will Make Me That” Syndrome
Apple Sues Samsung For Following The Leader

As well as the market for an abomination such as this.

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Writer Tess Gerritsen’s Speed

What’s your speed?

Now, this may have something to do with my chaotic process. I don’t outline, I don’t plan ahead. I plunge into a first draft and it goes all over the place and it ends up a mess. Which means I have to spend the next five months cleaning it up. Oh, if I could just have a logical system with notecards that summarize every chapter ahead of time. If only I could approach it like an engineer with a blueprint. But even if I could do it that way, I think I’d still be writing only a book a year. Because of that natural rhythm thing again. I write four pages a day and I’m bushed. Whether those four pages are good or bad, they exhaust me.

And I have to wander off and make a martini to recover.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

I know some writers like to use word counts for each day. I don’t know how they can manage that. It seems like sending yards of words off a bizarre loom.

When the words come slowly or are not happening at all, I don’t see how a damn daily word quota can help.

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Wow, Like It’s Never Been Said Before!

Fighting piracy is the dumbest thing you can do

If these are the reasons for people to download illegally, then how can it make sense for publishers to start actively fighting them. Because the most important fact is: they want your product! It’s up to you (as a content creator/provider) to ensure that consumers can buy your products in the simplest way, as quickly as possible, for a good (reasonable) price and without any fuss (no DRM, no unnecessary copyright notices and usable on a device of their own choice).

The same things get said over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over …

Do any of you ever fucking listen?

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He Loses His Own Plot

Another “But Books Are Special” post …


He starts out getting it:

I recently went to my local Best Buy with the intention of picking up the new Decemberists CD. When I saw the $18.99 price tag, I put it back in the bin, went home, and bought it from iTunes for $9.99. I only listen to music on my iPod or computer now anyway. What good is a CD except as space-inefficient backup media? I bought a 500GB external hard drive for less than $30, so all my music is now in three places: my computer, my iPod, and my back-up drive. I enjoy NASA-style triple redundancy. My music is as safe as it needs to be. My entire CD collection has long since been sold off. As far as I’m concerned, the format is over.

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190 Speed Dials Later…

I went in and resized every damn 1024px wide “thumbnail” down to 256px. Also resampled them all down too.

Now some of them show bizarre artifacts.

On the other hand, Opera loads damn fast and I can get a new Speed Dial tab instantly now.

No more disk whirr whirr whirrrrrr.

Good enough.


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