Sell Out To A Suit And You Die!

End of an Era in Mobile Tech Blogging as JK Isn’t Running Anymore

I’d been away from the JK on the Run site for quite some time. When I happened to go back about a month ago, my eyes nearly bled from all the pinstripes.

Om Malik’s joint bought the place. We all thought that would be a good thing. Tech Fiend Kendrick and Company would keep doing what they were doing. After all, that’s why they were bought, right? The Malik gang must have liked what they saw, right?

Well, no.

A Suit never, ever likes what he buys.

He likes the potential of what he’s bought.

“Ooh! Look at all those eyeballs! I can MONETIZE them!” (Suits also put a stake through the heart of common-sense and clearly-understood English every day too.)

Never mind that the site had regular visitors.

No, they weren’t good enough any more. The Suits sniffed their asses — “They are of Not Us. We need more of Us here.”

And so they took what was original, what was unique, what was liked, and molested, raped, pillaged, and stabbed to death everything people went there for.

Until it was bled dry into that fucking abomination I ran into weeks ago.

Listen, I really don’t give a damn if Om Malik is a sweetheart who feeds stray cats. That’s beside the point. What he did to JK on the Run was disgusting and unforgivable. And it shows the man has no taste whatsoever. Go to a conference he runs? After the evidence he’s just left? Excuse me while I go laugh myself to death.

3 <- that's my ass, Suits. Monetize yourselves by kissing it.

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