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Apple Reports No eBook Growth

Apple Shares Up, Huge iPhone And Mac Sales Overshadow Weak iPad

5:08 iTunes revenue $1.4 billion thanks to music, apps, books, etc. 2,500 publishers in over 20 categories on iBooks store, 100 million books.

Wait. What?

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eBooks: It’s Betamax Versus VHS All Over Again

The Wikipedia long version: Videotape format war

The shorter to the point version: The Betamax vs VHS Format War

The victory was not due to any technical superiority (Betamax is arguably a better format) …

And so it has been with ePub versus Kindle.

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YahooMail UnFriends Opera

Nine out of ten times after I hit Send on a YahooMail email, Opera crashes.

I have had ten such crashes today.

It used to be Opera would crash with YouTube being opened for a while. That’s mainly fixed.

But whatever changes they made, Opera is a royal PITA to use with YahooMail now.

I hope all the crash reports Opera is automagically filing for me wakes them all up at Opera HQ and they kick out a fix soon.

Update: Here’s another weird thing the latest version of Opera has been doing:

No, I don’t have more than one Opera open. And no plugins, no background processes that I’ve allowed, nothing. It never did that prior to the latest update last week!



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Bailing On Twitter: Timing!

Twitter deals with noisy users by hiding tweets

Wow. That is really going to screw up fast-paced conversations on Twitter and scheduled conferences such as Follow The Reader, eProduction, and The ISBN Hour. It’d also kill the multi-tweet rants I would sometimes engage in.

Twitter is just not what it should be.

They have no vision for it.

And I got tired waiting for them to see that.



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Kindle Library Lending: ePub Is Dead

Amazon to Launch Library Lending for Kindle Books

Kindle Library Lending and OverDrive – What it means for libraries and schools

July 1, 2010: The Abominable Kindle Wins?

If Amazon gets public libraries on board, it would be the death of ePub.

Well, if there was any doubt Amazon has totally vanquished everyone else, there’s no doubt now.

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If It’s Mobile, It’s Not Private

Got an iPhone or 3G iPad? Apple is recording your moves

Yet according to Comments there, this is not news.

What I found interesting in the Comments was a link to a presentation about webOS.

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“Winning” Before It Was Polluted By You Know Who

How You Win

Winning is not random, fast, or glorious. It is slow, cumulative, and almost sneaks up on you. In some respects it just comes down to showing up and sticking around.

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Another Sleeper Awakens

Physical Media Has To Go. I’m Digital Only From Here.

Moving across town last summer was a real eye opener in terms of seeing how tied we still are to physical things. Beyond all our sundry items needed to survive, there were boxes upon boxes of nice-looking and possibly interesting books and other media – DVDs, CDs, the occasional VHS tape nobody had bothered to toss. All of them took up room, and made for heavy lifting. But there’s no real good reason, beyond nostalgia, to ever get any more. I want all my music, photos, videos and books to be electronic, and I want everything else gone – even if it looks great on the bookshelf.

It’s the having to move that makes you realize it.

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