Bailing On Twitter: Timing!

Twitter deals with noisy users by hiding tweets

Wow. That is really going to screw up fast-paced conversations on Twitter and scheduled conferences such as Follow The Reader, eProduction, and The ISBN Hour. It’d also kill the multi-tweet rants I would sometimes engage in.

Twitter is just not what it should be.

They have no vision for it.

And I got tired waiting for them to see that.



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4 responses to “Bailing On Twitter: Timing!

  1. Ugh, I hadn’t seen that one. That’s terrible!

    I agree with you completely that Twitter is not what it should be. However, I haven’t found an alternative that’s as useful, and I do appreciate Twitter’s respect for and attention to its users… in terms of policy if not operation… well, at least until now…

    • mikecane

      I’ve heard of at least one Twitter-killer coming up. If the people in charge of it were heavy Twitter users, then they know all of Twitter’s weak spots and will wound it severely.

  2. In the end, Twitter is just trying to please…and so waters the damn thing down. For me, I mostly have bursts on Twitter, rabid pit-bull gonzo, out of control, goatf***er rage… Firing off tweets like machine gun salvoes. So that’s it… like you say, bail… but where to? Start our own microblog, call it GoatFucker, beats Twitter ;-)

  3. Dan Franklin

    They say in absence one can exert a greater influence than when present. I miss the madness.

    I’ll sign up to blog alerts.

    You made me do this.


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