If It’s Mobile, It’s Not Private

Got an iPhone or 3G iPad? Apple is recording your moves

Yet according to Comments there, this is not news.

What I found interesting in the Comments was a link to a presentation about webOS.

Click = big

From this presentation [PDF link; Save As…].

Which shouldn’t really be surprising. That’s historically how deleting a file has worked with computers. Want to get rid of all traces? Get a specialized program that will overwrite the stuff.

What bugs me about this is the Michigan State Trooper practice of cloning a phone if you’re stopped by a Trooper for any reason at all.

But why should that bother any of you? You’ll put up with TSA gate rape, so why not phone rape too?

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One response to “If It’s Mobile, It’s Not Private

  1. Sorry I missed this post yesterday or I would’ve linked to it. I agree with you, the Michigan State Police practice of extracting data from phones of motorists stopped for just “minor traffic violations” is indeed troubling. Thanks for drawing attention to it.

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