YahooMail UnFriends Opera

Nine out of ten times after I hit Send on a YahooMail email, Opera crashes.

I have had ten such crashes today.

It used to be Opera would crash with YouTube being opened for a while. That’s mainly fixed.

But whatever changes they made, Opera is a royal PITA to use with YahooMail now.

I hope all the crash reports Opera is automagically filing for me wakes them all up at Opera HQ and they kick out a fix soon.

Update: Here’s another weird thing the latest version of Opera has been doing:

No, I don’t have more than one Opera open. And no plugins, no background processes that I’ve allowed, nothing. It never did that prior to the latest update last week!


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2 responses to “YahooMail UnFriends Opera

  1. șișiEu

    When crashing the icon remains in tray. Move the mouse over, it will go away. Happens to most programs that crash.

    Opera crashes when I enter Yahoo Mail inbox :(

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