Cascading Tech Failures = Lost Day Here

1) Opera Support forums still not working.

2) Downloading Opera itself was not working for a time.

3) When downloading was available, the apparent download was overtly corrupted.

4) Opera is uninstalled completely now.

5) I have 235 Opera Speed Dials.

6) Without those Speed Dials I cannot venture forth on to the Net as I usually would.

7) I’ve learned there’s a four-day holiday in the UK. If there’s a four-day holiday in Norway (where Opera resides), I’m likely screwed until Tuesday.

8) Opera has no damned business being on Twitter if they’re not monitoring it and replying to tweets about problems. The world doesn’t need yet one more company who is there only for itself.

9) So look at this math: 1 Opera Support forum problem + 1 Opera downloading problem + 1 Opera on Twitter sucks problem = 235 sites I cannot get to!

— posted via Firefox, which I am not happy using again.


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2 responses to “Cascading Tech Failures = Lost Day Here

  1. All of the nordic countries consider Easter Thursday to Sunday to be red letter days. All business is at a standstill, so I seriously doubt there is anybody around at Opera today. It’s less bad here in the UK. Here it’s from Friday to Monday, and it’s more like a long weekend than the double-overtime-pay-if-you-dare-make-people-work kind of thing it is in Norway.

    So, you’re screwed until Monday, not Tuesday.

    In many cases in some of the nordic countries it’s actually illegal to have fun tomorrow (as in no parties, festivities, gaming, sports or outings). Welcome to the joy of Lutheran countries.

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