Opera Misadventures, Part One

The YahooMail crashing was driving me crazy.

So I went and frikkin registered at Opera Community so I could post in the Support forums.

One user said there’s no problem on his end with YahooMail Classic.

And an Opera Support person suggested a clean install as my update install might have gotten corrupted.

So I tried a clean install. And YahooMail still crashed.

And what they didn’t tell me was how to import my 200+(!) Speed Dials.

So I Tried Something.

And Opera is now totally broken and it seems their Support forums are currently down too.

I’m not touching a damn thing until I can get to those forums again.

I’m using Opera 10 now. Which displeases me.

I can’t function without my damn Speed Dial!


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4 responses to “Opera Misadventures, Part One

  1. a reader

    Why opera? Chrome seems just as fast to me, and working much better (and websites are mostly tested to work on chrome).

    • mikecane

      Opera is the fastest browser on my crap PC. And I can’t function without that Speed Dial. I tried a SD extension with Firefox. After a crash, the SD entries were all wiped out. That ended that.

      • a reader

        Chrome got speed dial. Its much faster than firefox, and on my slowish laptop its just as fast as opera (which I used before switching to chrome). Right now I am typing this in firefox, but thats just to test FF4, which I think I don’t like.

      • mikecane

        I have Firefox, Chrome, Safari, all latest versions. Opera is fastest on this crap PC.

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