TV Series: King

Series description:

As a Homicide Detective, Jessica King (Amy Price-Francis) sees things that everyone else misses: in crime scenes, in evidence, in the motivations and drives of the suspects. A fearless and imaginative lateral thinker, her unique eye for detail turns cases around. And she has a rare quality: Jess doesn’t need to be liked. That quality gets her into trouble.

This is another TV series from Showcase in Canada, the network that also brings us Endgame.

That description is misleading. Everyone wants a character to sound like House, M.D..

I tried to watch ABC’s new Body of Evidence and was disgusted in the first six minutes of the debut episode. Dana Delaney was doing a female House.

I expected the same thing here. Except House as cop. Which is what Fox’s Lie To Me keeps trying to be.

So I was very surprised to find the lead character is actually charming, warm, and appealing.

This is all down to the star:

And a fine ensemble cast.

I was really going to bail on the first episode early on because the opening was identical to an episode of Lie To Me. So I expected a hack script rip-off. It was nothing of the kind, so I was glad I stuck to it. The story really stretched credulity but the characters saved it. Just as great writing can make people not care about an unbelievable plot, sometimes a good cast makes you watch something despite the plot.

My main complaint is the stupid series title: King. Look, I know that’s her bloody surname, but we live in the age of the Internet now. Do you know how damn hard search engines will have to work to dredge up proper matches for that? This post will probably never score a search engine hit. Creators have to keep this new indexing factor in mind. It’s astounding Showcase’s marketing department didn’t catch this.

I look forward to the next episode. The rest of you might want to give this one a try. Despite this silly promo:


King TV series site



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10 responses to “TV Series: King

  1. Darrenb

    Having watched the 8th episode of this show I refuse to watch another. With a main character into her 3rd marriage, she has one disagreement with her current husband and immediately we find find her pounding the sheets with her arch nemesis.
    I can think of other descriptions as well. Where have peoples standards and morals gone? Would the show not have had more creditability if it had tackled the intricate nature of the marital relationship? No what we do is throw the main character straight into bed with the first man she can find. In a time when we are bombarded with mindlest reality TV it is rare but refreshing to find a quality show with a wholesome well written and clever script, alas King has proven that it too is just mindless rubbish from writers who are too lazy and follow the same old mantra.
    Shame on you Showcase!
    Shame on you “King”.

    • mikecane

      Oh no. I didn’t get to that episode yet. I had hoped they wouldn’t go there.

    • jessica

      “Would the show not have had more creditability if it had tackled the intricate nature of the marital relationship? No what we do is throw the main character straight into bed with the first man she can find.”

      I thought that the intricate nature of the marital relationship was the b-story of the show and is a prominent part of every episode. You understand that you saw the 8th episode so one might wonder how you missed this in the first 7 episodes.

      I wouldn’t call it being thrown straight into bed with the first man she can find when throughout the season it has been him constantly pursuing her and her having some difficult issues with her husband, He was there tempting her and eventually she gave in. The titular character is not supposed to be perfect and ideal.

      As for the title, it is really hard to search on the interwebs, but such is rarely a concern. Ever try searching for The Good Guys? Maybe now that the show was on and has been cancelled it might rank higher but in the month leading up to its premiere it was nigh impossible to find anything without including network and cast names in the search. The character is Jessica King. She often rules over people in her work as their king. She has a hard time not doing so in her marriages which is one reason she has had so many of them.

      I don’t see how Jessica King is like unto Gregory House who is a contemporary adaptation of Sherlock Holmes placed into a medical environment. Sherlock and House both avoid the sensual, carnal, and generally any interpersonal relations as a wasted distraction; King rather the opposite. The character in Lie to me* better fits with the former. Sherlock and House have a trusted companion (Watson and Wilson) while King has a nemesis and temptation. In Lie to me* the trusted companion is a former romantic partner. Having the titular character be the one who sees things others have missed or finds value in things others discarded as irrelevant is nothing new to House MD though in that show it plays such a large part it is hard for the casual viewer to not notice it and have the impression that it originated there.

      darrenb, may i remind you that in King you are watching a cop show about a task for that comes in when other departments have totally screwed up. That is not generally a setting for anything wholesome and family-friendly. It is also not the murder-of-the-week so many other shows have as the crimes in King are as varied as the Criminal Code of Canada is comprehensive.

      And in season 2 there is a new member of the team played by Kiefer’s little brother Rossif Sutherland that is the piece that was missing in making the first season perfect.

  2. Lori

    geez, darrenb – get real. Its a freakin tv show.

  3. Diana

    “Rayne” that wrote in to defend the show is a producer on the show even though she is pretending to be a ‘fan’.

    I worked on the show – it’s a lame farce. The lead actress is a mean, stuck-up bitch. She needs to be put in her place. Her face is falling apart and she needs over 2 hours in the makeup chair to be camera ready. She is a primadona, pain in the ass. Every crew member HATES the lead actress.

    I wonder why people waste their time watching useless tv shows, anyhow? People seriously watch tv and than waste time talking about it? Time to turn over a new leaf – free yourself of society slavery and forge your own path of imagination. The world would be a better place if everyone stopped watching stupid, empty, pointless shows like King. I’ve worked on too many tv shows and if people could come see what really happens behind the scenes – their eyes would open wide and their fascination would evaporate immediately.

    People need to get a life and stop watching cop shows. They are meant to brainwash you into ‘obeying’ today’s society. Cop shows, court room shows, doctor shows are all that offered to further brainwash society into believing that cops are ‘the good guys’. It is part of the elites control system on you.

    Union TV and film is supported by laundered money. There is no way any business would spend 25 million dollars on season 2 of King unless they used laundered drug money or undeclared federal reserve money. Someday soon the truth will come out.

    • Jill

      I find it funny that you have such an opinion on the viewers getting a life and not watching cop shows yet just by working on one you are supporting it, I wouldn’t doubt if you had been fired off the show. I too worked on the show and the lead actress was charming and gracious, perhaps your attitude is what puts people off of you. Look inward Diana, look inward. For the rest of you that may be reading this, once again the cast and crew were terrific to work with. Don’t let the hater above lead you to believe anything else.

      • mikecane

        I tend to let people have their say in Comments, although in this instance I was wondering whether or not to let that one through. I let it through for anyone who cared to find it and rebut it.

  4. jill

    I agree with you Mike, people should have their say and normally I don’t respond to negativity like that. I try to let the miserable wallow on their own. however, the fact that she shamelessly ripped apart an actress on all aspects from her looks to her attitude and everywhere in between and has the audacity to preach when she doesn’t practice her own rules evidently, I thought it important to at least set a positive record for the lead, she is indeed a lovely and gracious woman both on screen AND off, and no one should be led to believe otherwise. thanks for your blog btw.

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