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Movie: City Rats

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Best Buy Drops Sony Reader

This is from the flier put out today:

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I’ve circled the relevant word in pink: CLEARANCE.

Why would one of the largest retail outlets discontinue carrying the Sony Reader? The Pocket Touch is a very popular model too.

Something has to be up with the Sony Reader. Is Sony just letting inventories sell out before announcing they’re quitting eBooks?

And there’s the Kobo added, just as I said weeks ago.


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How Amazon pWned Me With Kindle Books

Every day, Kindle Nation Daily posts new free eBooks available for the Kindle. These aren’t public domain, either. They’re from publishers, sometimes from the Big Six themselves.

Beginning July 19, 2010, I’ve been downloading these books. Not all of them, just the ones I’m most likely to possibly read. So I haven’t really been a pig and just grabbed everything.

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BBC America Just Sucks

So, after seeing the season debut of Doctor Who as I usually do — to balance the international trade flows of electrons — I tuned into the BBC America airing.

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