BBC America Just Sucks

So, after seeing the season debut of Doctor Who as I usually do — to balance the international trade flows of electrons — I tuned into the BBC America airing.

Yes, that is a CRT SD TV. STFU.

First let me say I give BBC America some credit for this:

I don’t know if they did that before, but it was a nice touch.

The broadcast touted “limited commercial interruption” by a sponsor.

Historically in television that meant few breaks and more show.

That’s not what I saw.

I can’t even recall the damn sponsor ads.

But I do recall the disgusting non-stop and absolutely tasteless and brainless amount of BBC America self-promotion ads!

How the hell can any of you watch Doctor Who like that and enjoy it?

That was tantamount to vandalism.

Breaks for ads made no sense whatsoever. There were breaks just to show vanity BBC America ads. What the hell happened to the “limited interruption” part of the upfront announcement?

And I don’t know who the hell Graham Norton is, but if he’s pulling down a paycheck from the BBC, that corporation is no longer living up to its mandate of serving the public interest. The guy should be selling his rancid body on street corners as a Rent Boy. That bag of stupidity has a BBC show?

And is BBC America deliberately loud and stupid all the time? Is this supposed to be the “America” part of the channel’s title? I find it offensive. There’s not enough “BBC” and too much “America.”

Now you see why I have a CRT SD TV. Because even something that has a legacy of taste and intelligence — the British Broadcasting Corporation — is nothing but absolute shit. I should get a new big flatscreen HDTV for that?

You lot can keep putting up with watching — or trying to watch! — Doctor Who like that. Me, I’m sticking to evening-out the flow of electrons.


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5 responses to “BBC America Just Sucks

  1. Norton is a big comedy/presenter name in the UK. (A pushy bastard that made it big). I think BBC America is looking to break in the U.S. … and it might just do that – “break.” In the UK, you hardly get any promos on the BBC. Those you do get are subtle, you don’t notice them, which is the way to go.

    • mikecane

      BBC-A has been here for years. But I also hadn’t seen it in years. It’s gotten even worse than I remembered it.

  2. Yup. Turned off the BBC broadcast after about 10 minutes and acquired the program in an alternate manner. BBC America has gone completely insane with endless self-promotions.

  3. Jason S.

    BBC America has been hurdling downhill for some time now.

    First, they removed all airings of Dead Ringers, Wire in the Blood, Spike Milligan’s Q saga, Horizon, Survival, and countless other British programs from their schedule.

    Then they produced a nightmarish sex-fest for ABC called Dancing with the Stars.

    Then they contributed to the unacceptable Americanization of Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Primeval.

    Then they started airing Star Trek and X Files just because they had a few British actors as cast members.

  4. Deitra Pawley

    Here’s what I hate about BBC America,why does Gordon Ramsey rule the BBC America airwaves I checked the schedule and 9 shows were his and most were just the same show shown at different times,I mean I get it that he’s famous and all,but all he does is yell ,I’d rather watch Jamie Oliver. I don’t get why they have started to show American sci-fi shows so Star trek has Patrick Steward,whoope di do,still not a good enough reason to show an American show and don’t even get me started on X-Files or BSG . The only two things I am looking forward to is “Outnumbered” which airs Saturday and part 2 of series 6 of Dr.Who which airs sometime this fall. I know some people were complaining about the way the BBC America was several years ago,but at least they actually had British shows and not so much Gordon Ramsey so I’d rather have that schedule thn this one

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