Best Buy Drops Sony Reader

This is from the flier put out today:

Click = big

I’ve circled the relevant word in pink: CLEARANCE.

Why would one of the largest retail outlets discontinue carrying the Sony Reader? The Pocket Touch is a very popular model too.

Something has to be up with the Sony Reader. Is Sony just letting inventories sell out before announcing they’re quitting eBooks?

And there’s the Kobo added, just as I said weeks ago.


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7 responses to “Best Buy Drops Sony Reader

  1. You got an ad? Someone stole my Sunday paper. I’m 1.5 freaking blocks from the convenience store. Lazy so-and-so’s.

    • mikecane

      Nope. It wasn’t in my paper, either. I went to the website to view the flier. Same thing with CVS. Now you remind me I forgot to do Staples too. Grrrr!

  2. Ravi

    We haven’t heard a lot from Sony since the App Store banning. It would be a bit strange to make Android and iOS apps and then give up on eBooks entirely, though. One possibility is that they’ve decided that losing out on the iOS app when all their major competitors have one (at least for now) has substantially damaged the viability of the Reader. I could even imagine them playing this up if they decided to pursue legal action against Apple.

    The other major possibility I see is that they’re clearing stock to make way for a new model. That could just be a new Reader, but a more intriguing possibility they’ve decided that they next-generation Reader is an Android tablet. That could be the Honeycomb tablet that’s already due this summer (though that has been described as gaming-focused) or it could be another one that’s not announced yet.

    If they did go the Android tablet route, I don’t know what they could do to make it a logical successor to a Sony Reader (as opposed to a tablet you just fill with Kindle or Nook books), but perhaps they’ve come up with something (or at least think they have).

  3. JimH

    Here in the Seattle area, Sony Readers have been on “clearance” for quite some time. Last year’s Pocket Readers, the PRS-300, has been selling at the SonyStyle store near the University for $50 for at least six weeks (still have some in stock last I looked, too). A local big-box variety store, Fred Meyer, cleared-out the PRS-350s in April for $99 ea. I missed-out on that one, mainly because I just bought a collection of PRS-300s for the family at $50 ea. Not sure if the life-cycle is up on these yet – normally a September release, if I recall. This wouldn’t be the first time Sony pulled-the-rug-out of digital distribution – I lost all my music when they shut down their music store 2 years ago.

    • mikecane

      Wow, a PRS-350 for $99 is the best deal I have ever seen! Yes, Sony has generally stayed on a Fall new model schedule. I don’t know what’s up with the Reader now.

  4. Wendy

    The guy at the Sony store told me last weekend, that they moved production to Japan last winter, then the Tsunami hit. They’re supposed to have to decided to focus on getting their new Fall model up and running, and not to rebuild production of the current 350, 650, 950 designs.

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