How Amazon pWned Me With Kindle Books

Every day, Kindle Nation Daily posts new free eBooks available for the Kindle. These aren’t public domain, either. They’re from publishers, sometimes from the Big Six themselves.

Beginning July 19, 2010, I’ve been downloading these books. Not all of them, just the ones I’m most likely to possibly read. So I haven’t really been a pig and just grabbed everything.

Well, last night I decided to have a look at Your Account at Amazon, to see if I could get a tally of these freebies. That’s something that’s not really possible with Kindle for PC because it doesn’t separate Samples from full books.

In Kindle for PC, I have over 1,000(!) items. That’s books and Samples. In fact, this isn’t everything because I had to split my folders, pulling a lot out into a separate folder that Kindle for PC doesn’t see, because it was getting too slow to use.

Under Your Account, I was shocked to discover I have 656 free Kindle Books. Six hundred and fifty-six! That’s a mixture of publisher freebies and public domain. I’m going to be generous and say one-third are public domain. So that still leaves me with over four hundred “legitimate real books” (as most people would term them) in Kindle format.

And now I am pWned by Amazon. Because there is just no damned way I would even begin to try to DRM-strip and reformat those to ePub. I’m locked into the damn Kindle format. I now have a frikkin real library of books in that format.

For those of you who might be similarly pWned — you’ve been grabbing the freebies but don’t own a Kindle and don’t really like the hardware, either — it looks like the new Kindle 3.0 for Android Honeycomb is the best way to go:

I wonder how that would be on a rooted NookColor running Honeycomb? Hmmmmm….


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7 responses to “How Amazon pWned Me With Kindle Books

  1. An Android tablet, or – dare I say it – an iPad.

  2. TeeBee

    At the end of the day if you did want to strip DRM and convert to epub it wouldn’t be all that time consuming, especially if you have a Kindle. With the Calibre Plugins you can move everything over from your Kindle and batch convert to epub. You can then grab the ones that are still in AZW or AZW1 format for some reason and tackle them individually. I’ve done this with over 1200 books and it truly isn’t that bad.

    • mikecane

      Did you do it with over 1200 *at one time*?

      • It’s really fast. A couple of key presses, after a fairly simple setup. I offered two search words on here once, since I have them on my own blog’s comments area too, because I do it only for books I bought that I want put on an ePub ereader that I also own so I can see them in color.

        Linking is frowned on but providing search words hasn’t been a prob for anyone.

      • TeeBee

        no but I have done it with more than 200 at a time. I just set it before I go to bed. It’s really not that bad.

  3. I have used Calibre and I have to admit that if you want excellent formatting, you may have to wait a while for something else to come out. True formatting doesn’t exist and there is always some stray mark that spoils everything. Epub is nice, but with the new library function of the Kindle, I’m not certain if anything is going to be worthy of taking over the Kindle.

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