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Grasping for the Wind has three interesting posts up:

Guest Post: Reading Differently by Keith Brooke

Have those of us involved in “professional” publishing been getting it wrong? Have we reached the stage where mainstream publishing — and writing — puts too much emphasis on over-polished, grammatical, writing when a large proportion of our readers simply don’t care? What a lot of the successful indie writers do have is a huge amount of gusto and raw energy, making up for any technical shortfalls with spark and adherence to the need for a pacy plot that hooks the reader in. Yes, some editorial smoothing might improve these works, but at the cost that a reader has to wait a long time for the next book, whereas indies can be fast.

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I watched the three episodes, was waiting to see if the fourth one would keep me — but the fourth one never aired and I just learned today that’s because CBS pulled the show from its schedule.

A very strange show, given our post-9/11 world, with young CIA jocks zooming around the world doing things that we are now too disenchanted to know they could ever really do. It was also a bizarre mixture of funny (but not comedy) and drama, neither of which were really successful. Mission: Impossible succeeded in the 1960s because we were all innocent and it had ground-breaking special effects (those latex masks, for one!). When ABC tried to revive that show, it was awful. I think CHAOS was really a show outside of its time — a time that will never come again.


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R.I.P. Bill Blackbeard

Bill Blackbeard, The Man Who Saved Comics, Dead at 84

Blackbeard was largely instrumental in affecting a major cultural change, Robb said: “His actions transformed comic strips into objects with legitimate cultural, historic and sometimes even aesthetic value.”

I’m sure many of the old newspaper strips I’ve encountered over the decades originated in his collection. He saved an inestimable portion of our American pop history.

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Opera: A Basket Case

1) There is no sensible way to import my Speed Dial from another install. The suggestions in the Support forum were all FAIL.

2) Without any sense to it and despite plug-ins being disabled just for it, YahooMail has begun crashing after hitting Send again.

3) To prevent the crashes, I installed an Ad Blocker.

4) Now Opera crashes about four times an hour.

I am fast getting sick of this shit.

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Another Yahoo Failure: MyBlogLog

Via email: Yahoo! MyBlogLog to be discontinued

Dear MyBlogLog Customer,

You have been identified as a customer of Yahoo! MyBlogLog. We will officially discontinue Yahoo! MyBlogLog effective May 24, 2011. Your agreement with Yahoo!, to the extent that it applies to the Yahoo! MyBlogLog, will terminate on May 24, 2011.

It’s a good thing I never was attached to that service.

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Facebook Wakes Up While Twitter Snores

Sharing with Small Groups

I’m not going to elaborate.

Twitter has to do it for themselves.

Put down those fucking bongs, children. Facebook is stealing the adults from you.

Previously here:

Twitter’s New Sign-Out Page
Bailing On Twitter: Timing!
Another Lost Opportunity For Twitter
Now Only Here

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How To Win: The User Doesn’t Care

If you can understand that the user doesn’t care, you’ll go far — as Apple has been doing.

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MobiHandler For Kindle Books

Announcing: MobiHandler (a Windows program)

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NookColor Updates Android To Froyo (2.2)

Barnes & Noble treats Nook Color to Froyo; unveils Nook Apps

Manual download page: Software Updates – Version 1.2.0

I don’t know what ZDNet means by this:

There’s no need to hack the Nook Color into an Android tablet anymore as B&N is giving out the power for free.

It will still be a NookColor, not an open Android tablet. Thus, rooting will still be required if you want to install apps outside of the NookColor Market.

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BBC 4 Radio Collections

Main page

American writers

UK/other writers

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