I watched the three episodes, was waiting to see if the fourth one would keep me — but the fourth one never aired and I just learned today that’s because CBS pulled the show from its schedule.

A very strange show, given our post-9/11 world, with young CIA jocks zooming around the world doing things that we are now too disenchanted to know they could ever really do. It was also a bizarre mixture of funny (but not comedy) and drama, neither of which were really successful. Mission: Impossible succeeded in the 1960s because we were all innocent and it had ground-breaking special effects (those latex masks, for one!). When ABC tried to revive that show, it was awful. I think CHAOS was really a show outside of its time — a time that will never come again.


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3 responses to “CBS: CHAOS

  1. Fuck!

    I knew it would get cancelled; it was simply too good.

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