NookColor Updates Android To Froyo (2.2)

Barnes & Noble treats Nook Color to Froyo; unveils Nook Apps

Manual download page: Software Updates – Version 1.2.0

I don’t know what ZDNet means by this:

There’s no need to hack the Nook Color into an Android tablet anymore as B&N is giving out the power for free.

It will still be a NookColor, not an open Android tablet. Thus, rooting will still be required if you want to install apps outside of the NookColor Market.

Monitor Portal:NookColor for new rooting developments.

Add Comments if you have a NookColor.

Updates to appear below.

Update 1: Barnes & Noble has posted a video about the update.

Update 2: Barnes & Noble has posted a video about the new email function:

Update 3: Barnes & Noble has posted a video about installing software updates:

Update 4: According to posts over at XDA Developers, updating the NookColor will not prevent CM7 running from a microSD card.

Update 5: Also according to XDA, Android apks cannot be installed on the NookColor despite the presence of the new app store. Rooting is still required to install via apps via apks.

I’ve de-stickied this post. Being able to still run CM7 via microSD is the key thing for most people.

I end this with two new Barnes & Noble videos:

What’s interesting is that Barnes & Noble seems to be favoring the NookColor over the eInk Nook. Have sales tipped in the NookColor’s favor? Is their eInk Nook on the way out?


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4 responses to “NookColor Updates Android To Froyo (2.2)

  1. Ryan

    Version 1.2 for the nook color is crap! $3 for Angry Birds? B&N really screwed the pooch on this one. I’ve been waiting for this update to see what it does but I’m done. Going to root my NC today!

    • mikecane

      Did you try the new Flash yet?

    • Brandon

      @Ryan – how exactly did B&N screw the pooch? You have to pay for Angry Birds? Oh no! That’s not a B&N issue, that’s Rovio’s decision.

      God forbid you have to pay for something that holds some value.

  2. I believe you can sideload the Android market without rooting the NC. You’ll have to find it on the web in APK form but that’s not hard to do.

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