Beating Apple Sounds Simple But Isn’t

How to beat Apple

1. Apple doesn’t do social well on a large scale. Ping? Game Center? Please. Social applications don’t seem to be in Apple’s DNA…their best applications are still single-player or 2/3/4-player.

Well, this is ironic given the series of videos I just posted today.

Everything he cites as a weakness is something Apple could easily overcome. To conflate Apple’s interests with Steve Jobs’ interests does the company a disservice. Some efforts might be limited simply because the product managers lack the talent, or imagination, or necessary passion. Like any company, Apple is vulnerable to management sclerosis. But that’s not an incurable disease.

The one thing I would have added to that list is books. I’m surprised it’s missing. But do I think just because Apple is rotten at books now that it will always be? No. I think Apple will be the majority — and last — outlet for ePub and will essentially hijack the standard until it replaces it with its own proprietary book creation framework (which will be so drop-dead simple, even writers can use it). It’s ultimate aim? “Books Better Than You Can Get From Amazon.”

I wouldn’t look to Amazon as a competitor. I agree with James Kendrick. An Amazon tablet will basically be geared to selling people stuff. Hell, they might as well call it the Amazon Ticket, to give people the impression they’re part of an exclusive club!

The only real competitor is HP with webOS. If there isn’t real use innovation there, Apple will remain on top, all other tablets will collapse, and there will indeed be only an “iPad market.”


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2 responses to “Beating Apple Sounds Simple But Isn’t

  1. Shock Me

    A single company might have trouble beating Apple, but in the past it has been surpassed in the market by strategic alliances such as Intel+IBM+Microsoft. I would agree that HP has many of the tools needed to go after Apple in hardware and OS software.

    However, I think Apple’s developer, retail, and content connections have to be compensated for as well. On the plus side HP has a massive physical distribution system but needs an electronic analog such as a company like Amazon. Given Amazon’s interest in Android and cross-platform offerings this seems an unlikely pairing. Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo seem unlikely partners also.

    Now Microsoft office products and Amazon content rendered with Adobe tools on Android OS built for HP or Lenovo hardware with NVIDIA chips would have a good chance in the business market but the alliance would be horribly brittle.

    In the end it will likely be a death of a thousand cuts by franken units that do a “good enough” job at a far cheaper price ($200-$250). But that would only work if Apple was unwilling to give up margin.

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