Sony Debuts Android Atrocity Tablet

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Sony S1 and S2 dual-screen Honeycomb tablets get official (video)

Because, you know, that dual-screen phone that’s out there has just been killing the hell out of the iPhone. Not!

Sony should call this the Sony Atrocity. It would be a rotten-name companion to their unpronounceable Qriosity service. (Yes, I know it’s supposed to be “curiosity,” but what madman coined that vomitous twee?).

Howard Stringer had final approval of this. Which once again proves that man must be jettisoned from Sony if that company is to survive. Anyone in their right mind would have said, “Yes, Designer-san, that is most interesting. I do not think we will do this one. But thank you for your effort.” I wonder if Stringer is disappointed they couldn’t shoehorn 3D into it?

As for the second tablet, designed by Notion Ink, the press release actually says this:

Designed for portability and intuitive gripping

Oh my god! Sony has finally solved the global problem of holding a tablet! This has been a serious problem that has been retarding sales of all those iPads! Not!

These things don’t even have names. Why did Sony introduce them now? Is this to distract people from their PSN troubles? To keep people from asking them why the Sony Reader is being dumped by Best Buy, Walmart, and also Waterstone’s?

There are more ridiculous things about these two tablets than anything interesting. Another Sony failure.



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8 responses to “Sony Debuts Android Atrocity Tablet

  1. Interesting. You’ll want to kill me for this, but, I like it. Reminds me of the Microsoft Courier. I may be one in a millon but I actually think dual screens that close help protect it from scratches and stuff, real scratches I mean, like the ones my phones have suffered against, say, screwdrivers in my purse.

    • mikecane

      It’s a larger Nintendo at like over 3x the price. They’ve floated $499 for that dual screen.

      • Ouch.

        I’m staying with my antique, obsolete PRS-600.

        I’m trying to convince my father on gifting me with an iPad for my Bday, since his pastor uses one for preaching he knows it’s not a thing of the devil.

  2. Shock Me

    Even if it didn’t look so chubby, I have trouble believing that very much software would be written to take advantage of the second screen.

    The Acer Iconia laptop with the touch-screen keyboard suffers from similar issues since Acer does not own MS Windows.

    On the whole the Asus transformer is the most reasonable approach for sales to people who for various reasons can’t give up a hardware keyboard but would like a tablet for many situations.

    This is why I think that Windows 8 can’t be dismissed out of hand (should it arrive in the next year or two).

    In the mean time I’ll leave my Apple keyboard in my bag and do most of the fun stuff with my iPad.

    • mikecane

      I don’t think that dual-screen will ever be released. Apparently Sony never even considered the angle you have: Getting devs on board to their dual-screen APIs. Nor did I even consider that — mainly because I dismissed the form factor entirely.

  3. Dual-screens are awesome, and Kyocera is doing great sales with Sprint for their dual screen phone. Everyone who sees dual screen Android in person thinks it’s awesome.

    I think bloggers should stop considering anything that don’t sell more than Apple is a failure. Android does sell MUCH more than Apple, ergo, Apple is a failure.

    • mikecane

      Sony has to convince devs to support their dual-screen APIs. And I’m certain they’re not the same APIs Kyocera is using. Both are likely to have been custom-made for each device. Devs can only be stretched so far and will only support things they think will make them money.

  4. Wow, this looks like something from the future. I’ve never seen an Android so advanced in terms of design. I wonder just what kind of features it would have.. I’d definitely like to get my hands on this!

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