Publishing As Hollywood — Or The Other Way Around?

In a long post detailing the capitulation of the Hollywood unions to their Overlords, What WGA Leaders Didn’t Tell Membership (…And Neither Did SAG or DGA Leaders), there is this in a Comment from a veteran WGA member writer:

When cable a la cart finally arrives, half of the basic cable outlets will go dark; the net will offer you lots of opportunities to write for free – or next to nothing (remember the promise of Strike TV?) and this is going to turn into the book business: A few JK Rowlings, some up and comers, and everybody else writing screenplays while they teach College Lit.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

I’ve done several posts talking about how the Big Six think they’re all going to upgrade themselves into Hollywood studios (All Singing! All Dancing! Digital Books!). This is the first time I’ve seen someone from the other side saying Hollywood will turn into the book business!

Rev up those self-pub skills, kids. As writers, we are going to get screwed from all sides!

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One response to “Publishing As Hollywood — Or The Other Way Around?

  1. What I’m gonna say here is, we don’t know what’s coming. Backtrack 1975. The music business was pop, soul, disco, heavy rock, that kinda thing. Books were still going strong.


    …Poetry was dead and had long been dead.

    Then BANG!!!

    Along comes hip-hop and rap – and poetry not only comes back, it comes back BIG TIME. Words are running crazy again. It’s not song lyrics, it’s hardcore Homer, it’s hardcore Byron, Shelley, it’s from the streets, rooted in the West Indies and Africa. Yeah some of it’s pop/pap, most of it ain’t.

    In the 70s, no one woulda said poetry was gonna come back. Maybe some dead dogs from the universities, chattering class literati…not worth listening to. Otherwise, no one would have laid money on the table to say poetry is coming back. No way.

    But it did. And now it’s massive. In commercial acts, it rolls right to the top of the music charts.

    Rap and hip-hop is literature. That was the first revolution for writers.

    So where we at now? Where we going?

    My money says not the BIG SIX. Not the MOVIE MOGULS. It’s gonna come from the streets, somehow, some way, maybe think Rebecca Black, see where that takes you. And also think how the hip-hop people used early tech, drum machines and samplers, pimped record decks, etc.

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