Stupid Man

Superman Renounces [SPOILER] in ‘Action Comics’ #900

This is what happens when you get overeducated shitheaded adults interfering in childhood fantasies.

When Spielberg drops dead and some stupid Suits get it into their dim heads to remake E.T., maybe they’ll make sure to do it in Zimbabwe or Chile or any country other than the one the ungrateful bastards obviously hate: America.

If they want to make it really real, have INS and DHS kick this illegal alien out of America.

And comics wonder why their sales continue to decline into shit?


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4 responses to “Stupid Man

  1. This is only the latest way that they’ve screwed up the character.

    i don’t know who thought up the idea that SM needed to be angst-ridden, but he needs to die.

    • mikecane

      No. The character needs to be taken out of the hands of wannabe-hippies whose minds have been fucked-up by too many drugs. They have no understanding of Superman’s place in American pop cultural history, why he was created, what he meant, what he means, and, especially, that this is a fantasy for *children*.

  2. kitten

    I gave up comics quite awhile back…there are no decent dealers in town and they are too bloody expensive to keep up a decent collection, but I was DC from the days when I sat in the drugstore drinking nickle green rivers and reading the DC universe at 12 cents a pop. This breaks my heart.

    • mikecane

      If they don’t like the character, can’t respect its history, they should be thrown the hell off it. I don’t blame the writer. I blame the executives at DC who OKed this stupid idea.

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