That Pixel Qi Screen: A Flop

Notion Ink Adam review

… the Adam’s viewing angles are terrible. Approach it from any angle but head-on and either the whites or blacks wash out, and if you tilt it to the left everything begins to turn a sickly yellow. The colors are also a bit washed out, and if you’re a fan of deep, inky blacks you’d best look somewhere else, as the best the Adam can do is a shade of noisy purple.

I wondered why more manufacturers haven’t snapped up the Pixel Qi screen. That seems to explain why.

A bad screen on a tablet is just a curse. The Archos 101 I saw was just horrible and this seems to be a similarly miserable experience.


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5 responses to “That Pixel Qi Screen: A Flop

  1. Yow. Sounds like some people are going to have a lot more explaining to do.

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  3. Notion Ink did not implement the latest Pixel Qi with wide viewing angles, high resolution and full IPS-level color mode. I(t’s not a small Indian startup shipping few hundreds of units who is going to get access to the latest mass manufactured Pixel Qi technology, obviously.

    • mikecane

      Still, this doesn’t explain why no other manufacturer has chosen the screen. Even the ZTE Light out of China apparently shipped with a regular LCD instead of the Pixel Qi as announced months ago.

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