Today They’re The Cats Of Doom

April 30th 2010: It’s iPad 3G Day And I Got … Kittens!

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They were born the night of April 29th, so the buggers are a year old today. They’ve gone from kittens to catlets to cats.

They’re too busy rioting and plotting my extinction by degrees to settle down for a birthday portrait, so here are two photos from March 18th:

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8 responses to “Today They’re The Cats Of Doom

  1. You think YOU got troubles, I’m here in fucking Tucson AZ stuck in a motel for at least a week trying to get my mother into a nursing home. She signed up for “home care” (glorified babysittting) at 4X her monthly income, hahaha, so obviously batshit crazy. I just used two grand of HER money to hire a lawyer, who is actually very good, and the wheels of the law are creaking toward the old lady’s imprisonment.

    What I wouldn’t give for a good ice floe to sit her down on as in Eskimo days of yore. Now the poor bastards probably have to go through what I’m going through. Meanwhile, my wife is stuck in Taos with NO HEAT ’cause I’m the firebuilder, and it’s going to snow tomorrow.

    It’s 96 °F here, ugh.

    Nice kitties, though!

  2. I love those cats! We’ve got three, all found us. One is crazy and out for world domination as my daughter’s blog shows:

  3. I hope you know what this means, Mike. Felines achieve sentience at one year old and start bossing YOU around. You are now Slave to Cats. Congratulations.

  4. One of ours, the warrior cat, Tedder, comes and sits on the bed staring menacingly at the break of dawn – wanting his breakfast and very definitely expecting to get it. Need to hire a pro cat whisperer…

  5. Not sure why, but your post made me think of Hamlet.

    Your Outrageous Fortune is the Cats of Troubles!

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