Anonymous At It Again

UPDATED: Anonymous Hits Chamber!

As we speak I’m sitting on a mile high pile of data released about the US Chamber of Commerce. Thousands and thousands of docs released a few hours ago. Wanna help read through the docs and see what crazy things the Chamber is up to? There’s thousands of these docs. It’s a 1.2 GIGABYTE download. My computer is choking on it. Looks like a lot of docs scraped from their sites.

This evening I came across a reference to a torrent on Twitter that caught my eyeball — A “torrent” in this case is basically a document dump. Basically. The message intrigued me not only because it mentioned secret documents from the US Chamber of Commerce, but also….

A. It’s a document dump from Anonymous


B. It contains documents from an organization that particularly makes my teeth curl, the Michigan based Mackinac Center for Public Policy. Those are the dudes who brought us the Overton Window. They’re kind of nuts.

And here is where I rip out some more hair…

This is exactly the real-life equivalent for what I said the second season of Rubicon should/could have been.

Ah, the images coming to mind … Truxton Spangler called before a closed-door committee in Washington, Will communicating with a shadowy group, “Hal” getting a bigger role, Kale wondering if he’ll wind up leading API, Miles getting even twitchier, Grant being kept out of the loop, Ed regaining his focus, Tanya rising to the occasion … what could have been.


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