Samsung Galaxy Tab Jacked To Prepaid Boost Mobile

I was doing some research about the Samsung Galaxy Tab today and found out there’s a thriving business hacking it to work with Boost Mobile’s prepaid data plan. If the prices are to be believed, the monthly data plan is just $11/month!

Here’s one link: Samsung Galaxy Tab Boost Mobile Unlimited 3G Only $11/Month

Here’s a Craigslist ad: White Samsung Galaxy Tab (BOOST CDMA) NIB – $500 (Parkchester)

And here’s a very convincing — but very annoying, so stick with it — YouTube video showing the same cell number on the Tab as well as his Boost Mobile cellphone:

I don’t know how this is accomplished. From what I understand, Samsung has updated the firmware with signed/protected bootloaders. Plus, this is the first time I’ve encountered hacking a tablet for prepaid data service. I wish Sprint offered prepaid data service for the Galaxy Tab!

If anyone has a Samsung Galaxy Tab jacked to work with Boost Mobile, leave a Comment about how that’s been working out for you and if there are any gotchas.

Would this even be possible with MetroPCS?



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14 responses to “Samsung Galaxy Tab Jacked To Prepaid Boost Mobile

  1. Leon

    This dude is the best flasher around, I’ve been to forums where they’re just starting to talk about a device and these are supposed to be tech geeks who can’t figure out how to get a device activated, but this guy has it ready on release date, I have had 4 tables,3 Evo’s all on boostmobile, and the service is great!

  2. That dude is bad business, i got my evos for my and wife done from and I must say it was the best decision i have ever made.

  3. Android has provided power to such companies and now companies like samsung, ozitechnology and motorola are in the market to show their skills for android devices and compete previously stabled king Apple.

  4. This could open a lot of new doors to the modding of tablets. I find this to be a good thing as it encourages companies to enhance their software and adds a little fun in for the modder, especially if they’re able to pull it off. I’ll definitely be looking further into this.

  5. Johnathan

    I had mine done from the guy over at and he did it remotely using some teamviewer program. Charged me $80 and worth every penny cause i only pay 35 cents a day for 3g data.

  6. Amy

    That sean dude is a huge fukn scan artist!!!! I already reported him to the local arthorites for stealing phones. Save you time and money.

  7. Dennis Almond

    I have my Galaxy Tab 7 on Verizon Wireless Prepaid. You have to call support and have them activate your account. Also, you have to call them each month to add minutes.

  8. German

    I found the link that Jeff posted up there and did two sprint tabs myself. Best hack ever. Been using the tabs about 3 months with no issues at all. Just wondering if anyone’s done a Verizon one?

    • Samantha

      Hi how is your tab working out for you and was it originally verizon< sprint or tmobile? Mines is tmobile and i wanna flash it to boost.

  9. Tyrone

    I tried to find someone to flash mine galaxy tab 7 Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 flashed to Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 flashed to Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 flashed to Verizon version but the link is down can someone help me out here were i can get this done is my email thank you guys

  10. They had something like this at and it was also an interesting read. Check it out and find out the latest news in addition to this post

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