The Inadequacy Of The Book

The “book” is dead

IMHO you are not losing money to piracy, you are failing to make money due to the inadequacy of the book as a medium for technical data.

I’ve been wondering for several years when the big collapse for some technical books would happen. You don’t have to pirate such books these days to get the information they contain. It’s all over the damn Internet, many times in better ways (“Just clip this code and paste!”). It looks like that collapse is happening now.

The original complaint, however, is like Encyclopedia Brittanica in print wanting Wikipedia to be made illegal.



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3 responses to “The Inadequacy Of The Book

  1. I (heart) the commenter who noted that the book isn’t dead, but why give money to industries that don’t pay the folks who produce the content?

    And the author of the article was also dead on. However, the process of finding answers is still fraught with virtual land mines. This is why I do have a few reference books from which I draw again and again. When it’s faster to find the answer in a book than to Google it, the book is still useful.

    The day will come when Google is more useful, but they’ve got to do a better job of filtering out the spam, malware sites, and content aggregators that exist just to push ads.

    • mikecane

      >>>but why give money to industries that don’t pay the folks who produce the content?

      Clicking on most ads doesn’t provide money to the people who produce the content. If you click an ad WordPress slaps on this blog, I don’t see a cent. That’s the exchange I make for using their free-to-me service.

  2. Shock Me

    I think the way to monetize what is currently web content is through the use of trusted editorial and curating groups with a reputation for fact-checking. People would pay the sources they trust to assemble the most up-to-date information in time scales far shorter than print could ever hope to have.

    The brands that succeed will have the immediacy of the web and live TV but with the quality, accuracy, and editorial ability of traditional forms of media.

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