The Mystery Of The Woman

My Experience as a Female CS Major

He once told me that even though the females are fairly quiet, and the boys in the class showed off a lot, when it came down to projects and exams, the female average was often higher. When I walked by a departmental career fair, I paused to look at some of the companies I might want to apply for next semester, and he told me to sign up for some interviews for that day. I said I didn’t feel prepared and wanted to wait a semester until I felt like I had more of a basic foundation. He turned to a professor next to him and said “Jean doesn’t know how good she is.” He probably would not remember that exchange, but for me his support was eye-opening. I realized that while I did decide to major in CS fairly late in the game, I really was good at it, and my harshest critic was really myself.

I’ve seen all that myself time and again. Puzzles the hell out of me.

Maybe it’s true that we men are poisoned by testosterone.


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3 responses to “The Mystery Of The Woman

  1. Yes. It would seem the Dunning-Kruger effect is more pronounced in men ;)

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