I Hate Instagram

Now I don’t have to do a proper rant about it. This guy sums it all up perfectly.

“Take a Photo; It’ll Last Longer”

By doing so, we’re missing the point: the flaws we so deliberately recreate were never intentional and never wanted. The fuzzy glow and odd colour-shifts were to due limitations of the film and processing techniques used; they’re accidents, not a part of the photo. Previous generations would have given their eye-teeth for the clarity we so casually disregard.

OK, I can’t resist, dammit.

Look, just stop it. Stop using that damn thing. The filters suck, they’re annoying, they make you look like an ass, and years from now you’ll wonder what the hell you were thinking that you went and ruined a perfectly good photo like that.

Just stop!


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4 responses to “I Hate Instagram

  1. rjp

    “ruined a perfectly good photo”

    Particularly with the iPhone camera, I find it often gives wishy-washy photos – in which case, a filter like X-Pro or Lomo can help bring out the colours and definition.

    They’re no different to post-processing in Photoshop when used judiciously. Maybe Instagram makes it too easy and people get a bit carried away though.

  2. steve kennedy

    Mike: Please get rid of the prime mark in your blog name and replace it with a real apostrophe, as a typographer I am as offended by that as I am by instagram & hipstermatic photos. Thanks. sk

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