That Photo

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I saw it last night in Flickr and was thinking about posting it.

What finally caused me to — despite the fact it’s all over the media now — is Rex Hammock’s post: Why the White House situation room photo is so powerful

He touches upon many things I noticed too.

One thing he didn’t mention after the break.

I was reminded of the classic scene from the movie Patriot Games. Jack Ryan’s research leads to a raid of a terrorist training camp:

The reality was nothing like that. The banality of the Situation Room is remarkable. Especially when you see the end of the room they were looking at:

Click = ginormous

Nothing but a simple screen. No special technical operatives. Not even dimmed lighting. Everything is under fluorescents, as in any anonymous conference room.

According to a TV news report this afternoon, the SEALs wore helmet-mounted cameras. I don’t know if we can conclude there was live video being piped to that screen. Besides, since it was a night raid, everything would have had a greenish monochromatic Night Vision tint and it wouldn’t have been possible for viewers to distinguish any faces.

I doubt anyone was gauche enough to exclaim, as in the movie, “That is a kill.”

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