Memo To Opera Browser

It’s become an unstable piece of shit that’s no longer worth my time. And there are two arrogant bastards in the Support forums — who might or might not be Opera employees — who should be banned there and then taken out and given bone-breaking beatings.

So, Opera:


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2 responses to “Memo To Opera Browser

  1. In the end, flashy gear is no good. You want basic that works. With Linux you’re mostly using older versions of software. Totally tried and tested. No crashes. So Firefox is 3.6.13 from the software repositories.

    I think software and tech generally has always relied on new versions – especially Microsoft and Apple.

    With tech there’s no concept of buying a 1962 Rover, 60s Austin Healey or 1968 Ford Mercury, or Dodge Charger, and keeping the fucker for decades coz it works and it’s cool.

    Mike, I need you to use your influence to get me a system and software built like a Dodge Charger…something I can keep and not worry about upgrading. Just tweak it up, get it serviced.

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