Tablets Versus eBook Devices

Connected Devices: How We Use Tablets in the U.S.

Twenty-seven percent of those who also own eReaders said they use their eReader less often or not at all

That’s a very curious statistic that says just about nothing.

Questions I have:

1) Do they own a smartphone too?

2) Do they have eBook reading software on that?

3) Did they use their eBook device less then?

4) How old is their current eBook device?

5) Did they put the Amazon/Sony/Borders/Nook/Kobo software on their tablet to use for reading?

And how is it that 16% report using their eBook device more? Is that a reflection — um, no pun intended — of an LCD screen versus eInk screen? Is that an indicator of tablets disappointing for eBook reading? Or something else? The stat is really meaningless.

I’m also peeved at the bizarre questions or categories that answers fell into. The largest answer is assigned to “easy to take with you” while “size” and “lightweight” — which should be subsumed under that first category! — are broken out separately.

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