The Human Experience

Twenty minutes after watching this, stewing, I decided I must post even though some people will want to douse me with gasoline and light a match.

I think the first title card is bullshit. And if it’s not bullshit, it’s still bullshit.

This … movie … is the sad result of the Oprahfication and coming “gamification” of America.

Life is not a fucking game you can play act and then spout that you’ve had a revelatory experience enabling you to “understand” others.

You haven’t and you don’t.

This kind of shallow bullshit inevitably leads to a society being manipulated by fucking mutants such as this one who will lead us down a road to a shiny-shiny Police State.

Problems aren’t solved by weeping and hugging, goddammit. They require hard work, especially on the part of those who created the problems for themselves.

Earlier today I posted about the continuing downfall of Detroit. Say what you will about neglectful government, racism, and all the rest, but even where those things do not exist, there are not lines here in America outside of public libraries during times of prosperity with people looking to improve themselves. And that’s the time to do it, while the calf of society is still fat and we can afford such necessities. It’s only when the budget toilet is about to be flushed and people suddenly find out they’ve been assigned the role of shit that libraries report increased usage.

Weep and hug and fool yourself — and try to fool others — that you’ve learned something and have some lesson to impart.

That’s nothing but your own shallow ego doing that.

But you’re not solving a goddammed thing.

You’re only getting in the way of people who want to.

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