HP Veer Gets Bad Review

Veer 4G review

If HP and Palm wanted to make a splash back into the smartphone game, the Veer was not the device to do it with. In fact, it might have been a smarter move to wait on the release of the Pre 3 and TouchPad to reintroduce webOS to the world. As it stands now, the Veer has taken the remaining embers of excitement I had about the operating system and its devices and all but extinguished them.

As if that’s not bad enough, I find this bit to be even worse. No, in fact, I find it horrifying:

In fact, Jon [Rubinstein] told me on the Engadget Show that he was using the Veer as his main device (not the bigger, more powerful Pre 3 or even the semi-new Pre 2).

If that’s to be believed, the man who is in overall charge of webOS has no taste, no sense of quality, and webOS is utterly doomed.

Previously here:

Memo To HP/Palm

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