Resume Apps?!

Ohhhhkay. Now we are getting into a real digital divide here.

Job applicants who can afford “app resumes” and those who can’t.

Is An iPad App The New Resume?

And I really thought this idea pushed the limits:


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3 responses to “Resume Apps?!

  1. Anyone who might be expected to have an app resume can afford it. It really doesn’t take much and it costs nothing.

    • mikecane

      This damn thing is going to spread like wildfire in Hollywood. Actors, writers, directors, singers … someone is going to cash in. As usual, it won’t be me.

  2. It will spread like wildfire…and thus will devalue it very, very quickly. Anyone savvy would look at hiding, playing hard to get, spreading compelling rumors about themselves…getting off of all social networks (“Why can’t we find this guy?!” says potential employer, “he must be damn good and in demand, better get him before our competitors do, and pay a premium.”)

    And when you do appear publicly, do it in html in courier typeface. No flash gadgets. And don’t say too much. Give little away. Even better NEVER carry a mobile phone/smartphone. Someone asks for your cell say: “I don’t have a mobile phone.”

    Be empty. Be Zen. Live The Art of War.

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