Cursor’s Red Lemonade Goes Live

Red Lemonade

And right away one of the three books grabs me:

Zazen by Vanessa Veselka

Facing ecological degradation, culture destruction, and human suffering, a 27-year-old paleontologist starts calling in bomb threats.

And talk about an opening!

I went to work and a guy I wait on said he was leaving. He said everyone he knew was pulling out.

“Canada is just not far enough. Mostly Mexico. A bunch to Thailand. Some to Bali.”

He always orders a Tofu Scramble and makes me write a fucking essay to the cook. No soy sauce in the oil mix, no garlic, extra tomato, no green pepper. Add feta. Potatoes crispy and when are we going to get spelt. He holds me personally responsible for his continued patronage. I hope he dies. I’d like to read about it



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6 responses to “Cursor’s Red Lemonade Goes Live

  1. *winces*

    I was disappointed with the first (and only) one I looked at, Playing Hurt, which for some reason was tweeted with praise.

    Here’s the opening line, “Abigail planed [sic] on retiring at forty and kidded around with her friends about how she’d better lay her golden eggs fast.” Uh-oh.

    When “the sun sank at it’s own speed” for the second time in the 5th paragraph (the first time having been in the second paragraph), I lost interest.

    • mikecane

      Well, I’m glad I didn’t look at that one first!! Or, in fact, at all.

    • Somewhat late reply, but I just spent some time catching up on yesterday’s #followreader Twitter discussion, and I should say that when I commented earlier, I had not fully appreciated the intention of Red Lemonade to be a place for writers to upload manuscripts. Blame that on the distraction that comes from doing too many things at the same time.

      It should therefore not be a surprise to find some rather rough selections there. On the other hand, I did not expect to find them as Featured Works. I must have glossed over this caveat the first time I visited the site’s About Us page: “Red Lemonade is for the writers other publishers are afraid of.” *pause*

      Overall all I’m reserving judgement. Although I think the idea of Red Lemonade is tremendous, after my initial experience, I wonder what the community’s tolerance for manuscripts like this will be and how much value the writers will really get out of it.

  2. kittent

    damn you,again…and repeatedly. Even when I don’t agree with you I trust your judgement and now I have something ELSE to sink my tiny bit of time and attention into….


    try connie willis’s black out and all clear. 2011 hugo nominee and probably winner..although the rest of the nominees are great…including Feed, which is a zombie novel with braaaaaaiiiiiiiinns

    • mikecane

      The Kindle tab was open, so I grabbed Samples of both Willis books. I wonder if I already have them? The new Kindle app is so damned slow now, I fear opening the damn thing more than once a day!

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