Fox Kills Five TV Series

Fox Cancels ‘Chicago Code’ and Four Others

Only two are worth mentioning here, the ones I saw:

Breaking In:

This was such a stupid show. For a series that was supposed to be full of bright people, it was just so dumb. Basically a poor abbreviated take on TNT’s Leverage for people with no attention spans. Buh-bye, my Wookiee!

Lie To Me:

It started out excellent, began to lose its way near the end of the first season. The second season was mostly a disaster. In the final season, Tim Roth must have been constantly wired from coke or something. The man could never be still! It was distracting just having to watch him. I think I still have a half season to catch up on. It now drops to the bottom of the video catch-up pile.


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2 responses to “Fox Kills Five TV Series

  1. K. Livy

    Did Fox cave on Chicago Code for political reason (Pressure from Obama’s Mayor over a corrupt Black Alderman and a Smart White Woman Superintendent of Police?) or money distracted them from Spielberg wallet.?

    To cancel a show with a bright woman, well acted, and good writing to be replaced with Terra Nova, Time Travel, Swiss Family Robinson, and Spielberg’s rejected (reused) dinosaurs from Jurassic Park — Even a child from a Chicago Public School can circle the logic flaws in this pudding without a theme turkey.

    Both of the new Comedies described: New Girl and I Hate My Teenage Daughter have all the depth of a 12 year boy’s first nocturnal emission and I hope their life is equally as quick.

    I watched Bones, Lie to Me, and Chicago Code. I now only have Bones.

    • mikecane

      Terra Nova looks like a bomb just from the promos. Fox will flog it for a year as the ratings keep sinking after the premiere. Typical Spielberg TV show ratings trajectory. All of his TV has sucked, beginning with Amazing Stories, which he finagled NBC into committing to for two seasons up front.

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