Kindle For PC Updated, Rebranded

I used Kindle for PC early this morning, to sync some freebies and Samples from last night.

So I was very surprised when I got this later in the day:

It’s been rebranded from “Kindle for PC” to just “kindle” (all lower case):

With a new icon too:

At least on my PC, I have problems:

1) Despite having 1.1GB free on my HD, it’s telling me I have insufficient disk space when I use Check For Problems in the menu.

2) View By Most Recent simply does not work. By Author and By Title do work, but not the one view that matters to me.

3) I don’t know if they’ve changed things, but the boy sitting under a tree no longer reflects my local time. I’m stuck with a night scene despite it being bright daylight outside. That background used to change according to the PC clock’s local time.

Odd that they changed the name. What’s up with that?

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