Twitter Truth!

7 things you need to know about how people read online

Twitter, on the other hand, barely registers as a referring source.


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6 responses to “Twitter Truth!

  1. Nice link. These findings jibe with my own experience.

    The percentages on that graphic were abysmally low.

    I wonder if it’s just the “in here” vs. “out there” division that seduces people into thinking that social media is driving everything? Or is it all the hype from social startups trying to improve their valorizations?

    • mikecane

      Twitter is such a pathetic, worthless mess as it stands that I really don’t care. Plus, they can always point to someone like a Stephen Fry.

      • I wasn’t just talking about Twitter!

      • mikecane

        What’s scary is that there have been days when I’ve had actual referrals from FB! And I mean 00s.

      • I’ve had some but not 00’s. Of course my readership is far less than yours, so it’s hard to compare. It’d probably help if I managed to blog more regularly. As it is, the vast majority of my traffic seems to come from search. I say seems, because you can’t trust your social referral data. That’s what’s so interesting about the study you quoted–it’s based on observation.

      • mikecane

        Since I left Twitter my blog traffic is up. Is that because many Followers are now coming here? No, I doubt that. I think it’s because I’m devoting more time to the blog now.

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