Another Devastating Assessment Of Sony

The Cautionary Tale of Sony PlayStation [Platforms]

Sony has become my go-to example of how not to behave if you are the kingpin. Of all the major platforms PlayStation is the most branding- and marketing-led, and yet it is the least well regarded. Developers, journalists and many fans like some of the games on the PS3, but Sony PlayStation the entity? Not so much.

Sony’s big mistake was to develop the most recognisable game platform in the world and then decide to strip mine it for profit. It acted as though its position was unassailable, that authenticity and branding were the same thing, and so it could do as it pleased. In so doing it sacrificed execution in software, hardware and even its fabled design standards, and so lost trust.

Trust is an essential part of succeeding in the viral economy because relying on advertising in prime time is not that effective any more. Given that the future is going to be about more platforms rather than less, and you may one day end up running your own, you would do well to take heed of Sony’s slowly unfurling demise.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

The founders of Sony would not recognize how that company operates today. It’s turned into a host for unimaginative parasites who feed off its past reputation, sucking it dry.

This piece is your must-read of the day.

Especially if you work at, or know someone who works at, Sony.

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