eBooks Are Daleks Exterminating Print

It’s basically a press release from a conversion house, but these two paras are interesting:

The ‘Tipping Point’ on E-Books versus Print Books Has Arrived….What a Publisher Needs to Do

Most prognosticators were predicting e-book marketshare to grow to 14% of book revenue by 2012. At Accurance, we have been predicting a much more aggressive scenario: 20% or more would be achieved by the last quarter of 2011. Now it is clear that already, even our prediction has been exceeded. The tipping point has arrived; economies of scale on the print side (destructive) and e-book side (constructive) are now in play.

The lesson of the industries that preceded ours is clear and blunt: once the tipping point has been passed, where 20% of market share has been achieved by a new-technology industry, the growth and the shift to that new technology is no longer linear, it is exponential.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

As eBooks experience exponential growth, will print book stores face sudden collapse?

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