TV: The Shadow Line, Episode Two

No spoilers ahead.

As I post this, it’s been ten minutes since I watched it.

I’m still rattled.

There is a controlled intensity here that is unbearable at times. With peaks that make you want to get the hell off this planet.

There are also bits that have the sensibility and sensitivity of a Ken Bruen novel. As well as one madman who is just like a Ken Bruen madman.

The cumulative effect of this episode is like being told you’re in a locked room with someone who’s wearing a bomb vest that’s about to go off.

All of the episodes are written and directed by Blick.

Blick slowly ratchets it all up a notch here.

I don’t even want to think about what might be in the next episode. I’m too afraid.

If you’re not watching this, you’re missing out in a very big way.

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One response to “TV: The Shadow Line, Episode Two

  1. That sinister guy with the hat, good guy or bad guy? We don’t know. But what a character! And the psycho kid – Timothy Spall’s son – terrifying. Wonderful stuff.

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