In Other Words: Don’t Be Sony

Hire based on interest, not credentials

I find this article hugely amusing because the advice in it and just plain wisdom of it is totally ignored by the megacorporations.

There is one guy whose track record I’ve seen that has been one disaster to another. He was in charge of three big things that failed.

He’s like the Fred Freiberger of e-commerce. The Kiss of Death. If you want to fail, he’s your man. And you’d likely hire him based on his credentials!

No, I won’t name him. Because there can, of course, have been other factors involved, so it might not have been his fault at all.

So I will instead relate how such a guy can be totally innocent of the rap I’ve given him by citing an instance in my own life.

I was hired to do job X. In fact, I was never even considered for job X except other people who had applied for the job, and had been interviewed for the job, said I’d be the best to do it!

So I was called in and I got the job. Which yes, I had also applied for. So I was interested — even though they never had mutual interest.

But it was a huge mistake on the part of everybody.

This was a large corporation that had certain procedures in place.

The procedures were shit.

They prevented me from doing the job I believed I was hired to do. Every step of the way I was frustrated. It was like pushing a wet noodle. Through a puddle of shit. No one would change a damn thing, even after I went outside the company to show them how it could be done better, faster, cheaper.

No, they loved their procedures.

I had enough and quit.

So, the guy I haven’t named could have found himself in that position every damn time.

Told to do a job but not allowed to actually do it.

So if you’re out there and do plan to hire someone based on how much interest they have in getting shit done, making shit work, make sure you give that person what the hell they need to get it done and make it work. Because they want to get it done. Most others don’t. They don’t want any trouble and just want to continue to collect their paychecks.

PS: Now, years and years later, I wouldn’t quit. I’d wrestle the bastards until I wore them out and they finally did things my way. Which they would. Because now I know how that filthy game is played. The people who stay, win.

PPS: No, I don’t know what happened after I left that company. I didn’t care. Still don’t. Given the people who populated that place, and who have probably all stayed, it’s probably even more crusty than when I was there.

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