Batman: What Have I Been Missing?!

Remember my Holy Shit! List?

This seems like something that might wind up on it: Deconstructing the Complete and Utter Insanity of ‘Batman: Odyssey’

Just look at this dialogue:

Click = big

I’ve spent about an hour reading the post I linked to above.

Here are some choice quotes:

Words seem to mean so many things in this book.


Neal Adams is making new walls just so he can break them. Also, when they talk about Deadman’s apparently random shooting by a league of assassins, Bruce says, “Do you know who fingered you?” Which is really a very personal question.


Everyone in this book is in a nonsensical state of total disbelief at all times, like they can’t believe the comic is actually happening.


Really, the plot of the series would make a lot more sense if it were a porno. People show up out of nowhere, get physical for the most bizarre, tenuous reasons and then cut to other scenes at unconnected times where it all happens again with different configurations if people.


I’ve been humbled by this book. I thought that after 15 years, I knew how to read comics. Clearly, I do not.


It feels like a digital upload of every Batman comic in existence to my brain went horribly wrong and this is the David Lynchian fever dream my brain constructed to make sense of the phantasmagoria of images scattered around my consciousness.

Oh. My. God!

That post was written back in March. What’s happened in the story since?

Apparently this will have a twelve-issue run. When it’s issued as a collection, I am soooo going to buy it.

“Such an octopus of a thing, and I have only an inkling.”

Oh. My. God.

That’s Shakespearian!

It ranks up there with The Bard’s, “Oh egg! Young fry of treachery!”


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7 responses to “Batman: What Have I Been Missing?!

  1. Not long after that article first came out I heard that they stopped shipping issues:

    I wasn’t able to dig up anything more on that in a brief search. I will totally buy the run as a trade paperback if it comes out.

  2. Yes, that series is absolutely nuts. It’s so crazy the review itself is worth reading.

  3. SKFK

    This series is totally filling “absolutely crazy Batman comics from the creator who once did great work with the character in distant past” void left when Frank Miller’s All-Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder stopped coming out.

    “Apparently this will have a twelve-issue run.”

    It started out that way, and then the third issue came out with “3 of 13” on the cover. All the subsequent issues (up to six, as the article indicates) also carried “of 13” designation. I think I’ve read somewhere that it was always planned to go on a hiatus after issue six, but I can’t tell for sure.

    Neal Adams is also doing a new series called “Blood” for Dark Horse Presents, and it’s just as nuts. It starts out like a regular crime comic (with the central narrator rambling on with the same kind of crazy dialog noted in Batman: Odyssey), and then somehow it turns out to involve alien invasion. Check it out when it becomes available in digital next month.

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